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North Atlanta Endocrinology & Diabetes

Clinical Research

Physicians Research Associates, LLC

in the office of North Atlanta Endocrinology & Diabetes, PC

We have been performing studies, assisting in the testing and development of new diabetes medications for over 20 years. Some of the major advancements in diabetes therapy have been offered to and experienced by our patients, over the years. Physicians Research Associates, LLC, located in the NAED Lawrenceville office, is owned and operated by Dr. David Arkin, Dr. Ola Odugbesan, Dr. David Shore, Dr. Aparna Mahakala, Dr. Peter Lu and Dr. Ketan Goswami. They are assisted by Research Coordinators Karla Wardell CRC, Research Manager and Cindy Kirven, CRC, CMA. All studies are conducted under the guidelines of Good Clinical Practices (GCPs), under Institutional Review Board (IRB) oversight, and according to the rules and regulations of the FDA.

Mission Statement

We are a dedicated multi-therapeutic research facility established to provide our patients cutting-edge therapies and access to leading research studies, while ensuring compassionate care for our volunteers.

What is Clinical Research?

Clinical pharmacology research is the process whereby medications are tested and approved for use in the treatment of various medical conditions. All medications must pass through prolonged, rigorous testing prior to their approval for prescription use in the U.S. population by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In order to obtain such approval, pharmaceutical companies ask physicians to recruit willing patients with medical conditions that are expected to respond to new medications. Hence, clinical pharmacology research offers patients the opportunity to experience the effects of new drugs prior to their release to the general public. The trials conducted at Physicians Research Associates are Phase III trials, meaning, the medications have already been tested in animals and human volunteers to determine the appropriate dose and side effects.

Why Participate in a Clinical Study?

Millions of people enroll in clinical studies every year. The reasons why people choose to take part are as unique and varied as the people themselves. A clinical study may offer the hope of choices. Some people enroll to help find a future treatment while others enroll purely for science. The reasons why you consider a clinical study are yours alone. You should only decide once you have learned all about a clinical study.

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