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Endocrine FAQs

Why is it important to have my TSH level checked?
A low TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) level indicates hyperthyroidism while an increased level is the primary indicator of hypothyroidism. If you are being treated for either of these conditions you should expect to have this lab test
1 week prior to any routine visit with our healthcare providers.

What is a Free T4?
This measures the active thyroid hormone in the blood. It is important to note that there is a range of free T4 (thyroxine) levels in the blood of normal people, similar to the range for height, and that a value of free T4 that is “within normal limits” for the general population may not be appropriate for a particular individual.

What is a TSI?
A TSI (Thyroid-stimulating immunoglobulin) is a substance often found in the blood when Grave’s disease is the cause of hyperthyroidsim.

Is there a cure for Hypothyroidism?
Most cases of hypothyroidism are permanent and often progressive. It is generally necessary to treat this condition throughout one’s lifetime.

What is an I-123 Uptake & Scan?
An I-123 Uptake & Scan is a procedure used to identify the etiology of hyperthyroidism.

Why are Thyrogen and I-131 Withdrawal whole body scans performed? These scans are used for monitoring thyroid cancer.

What is postpartum thyroiditis?
5% to 10% of women develop mild to moderate hyperthyroidism within several months of giving birth. Hyperthyroidism in this condition usually lasts for approximately 1-2 months. It is often followed by several months of hypothyroidism, but most women will recover normal thyroid function eventually. In some cases, however, the thyroid gland does not heal, so the hypothyroidism becomes permanent and requires lifelong thyroid replacement.

Can my hypothyroidism cause depression?
Although they are separate diseases, depression is sometimes a symptom of hypothyroidism. Medication to boost those levels can get rid of your symptoms, including depression.

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