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Diabetes Education

Mission Statement:

NAED believes individuals with diabetes should receive comprehensive diabetes self-management education tailored to their personal needs and lifestyle. We are committed to providing and promoting this care through the implementation of the National Standards for Diabetes Self-management

As an ADA recognized self-management education program we provide the patients and their families with knowledge, skills and support. Our goal is to facilitate a behavior change that enhances the individuals glycemic control and by doing so, improving their quality of life.

Learn about diabetes management with weekly group classes:

Basic Diabetes Self-Management Class - 2nd  and   4th   Thursday of each  month.

Meal Planning and Healthy Food Choices
Exercise Tips and Safety
Medications Used to Treat Diabetes
Insulin Treatment for People with Diabetes
Diabetes Common Terms

Real quotes from our Patients in regards to their experience in the Diabetes Education classes:

“Very motivational, I feel like trying now.  Not give up hope.”

“Excellent instructor.  Used humor, stories also.  Very informative class, which I need.”

“Instructor was excellent! Thank you.”

“Extremely informative presentation of information.  I feel confident as I navigate life and my new diagnosis.”

“Very nice and helpful.”

“Very good information and presented very well.”

“Well worth the time.  Very informative.”

“I was able to learn two things the most important for my nutrition such as macronutrients and micronutrients.”

“The instructor was very informative, pleasant, prepared, and knowledgeable.  Very great class.”

“Great info.  Learned a lot.  Instructor was supportive and knowledgeable.”

“Excellent and at at pace that was very helpful.”

“Content was very helpful for someone who is struggling trying to control diabetes.”

“Very informative and very comfortable to ask questions.”

“Instructor was enthusiastic and engaging with the material and participants.”

“Class was enlightening.  Gave me more options to eat better and to enjoy the experience.”

“Instructor was clear and precise with the material.  She was friendly and inclusive.”

“I found this class to be very informative.  I wish I was offered this class sooner.”

Diabetes and You: Tips for better understanding your diabetes
This handout covers different medications that your healthcare provider may prescribe to treat your diabetes and where these medications work in your body. Some of these medications are taken orally (by mouth), while others are given as an injection. Each product is labeled oral or injectable.

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